Mr Brady Beaubien

A Stanford graduate and All-American Athlete, Beaubien studied cognitive neuroscience before founding Interlace Media – an award winning motion graphics company.

Interlace is a premiere CG animation and creative agency for feature films. They have defined the global campaigns of over 100 major Hollywood movies, including AvatarX-Men, Rio, Ice Age, and Die Hard franchises.  

Beaubien co-founded CineConcerts, a company dedicating to reinventing the experience of theatrical presentation and orchestral music.  He is currently producing Gladiator Live, The Godfather Live, Dreamworks Animation in Concert, It’s a Wonderful Life in Concert, Breakfast at Tiffany’s in Concert, Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage, and The Harry Potter Film Concert Series. 

He had spearheaded Cineconcerts invention of new genres and its creative presentations of cherished film and television content, including writing Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage, a project that celebrates 50 years of iconic material. He works to ensure Cineconcerts inspires a return to communal entertainment and continues to offer modern audiences and the worlds youth a chance to re-connect with concert halls and local orchestras.  

As a designer Beaubien co-designed Matsuhisa Paris at the Le Royal Monceau-Raffles and designed the The Citrus building on Melrose Ave. This new architectural addition to the Hollywood cityscape represents a commitment to the metropolitan and interconnected providence of Los Angeles. At The Citrus, advanced materials and technology merge with wood, concrete and glass in an organic and modernist design.  Mr. Beaubien has partnered with award winning sushi chef, Nobu Matsuhisa, to bring his new restaurant concept - Umeda - into the building. Mr. Beaubien also designed the restaurant.

ProducerSue Bampton